Rachel Wolchin’s debut collection of poetry and prose, What You Missed While Blinking, is a culturally relatable voyage of self-discovery and spiritually conscious living. In her transformative and easy to integrate photographic novel, Rachel expands on topics such as pain, growth, self-forgiveness, self-love, as well as love and forgiveness of others and all things, explaining that where there is the most pain there is also the most room for growth. Her inspirationally compassionate messages of encouragement reveal how the patterns we repeat are continuously reflected back to us in the form of different people and situations so that we can become aware and objectively grow from them. Rachel reminds us that the most powerful transformations occur through the desire to heal from our past.What You Missed While Blinking takes readers along a journey filled with moments of both darkness and Light. It is in these moments--between each blink of our eyes--where we gain the clarity and certainty we need to face any challenge, and the power to redefine the life we are meant to live.